Night art photographer Sergey Savenko Rostov-on-Don FONDphoto FONDph

Sergey FOND Savenko is a professional art photographer from Russia. Laureate of international awards (Sony World Photography Awards, WPE awards, MIFA, Chromatic Awards, etc.)

 In my works I combine night photography and light painting. I think that my nocturnal lifestyle and love of visual art got me into this direction. 

 Although the main subject of study is light, in my pictures the main role is assigned to the person. It is the combination of person and volumetric light painting that gives an incompletely predictable result and a feeling of the scale of happening. 

 Besides, using long exposure in night photography is a good way to capture things that are invisible to the human’s eye and to transfigure even the most regular places. 

 At the beginning of my practice I was inspired by photographers Eric Pare and Denis Smith and their works. Since then I have been studying different techniques, forms and materials used for light graphic and expanding the boundaries of this limited trend in photo art.

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